...fashion about people and for people...

The brand JAROSLAVA specialises in a specific knitwear fashion created for clientele with a discerning taste for our timeless style of pure design, unique and sophisticated colour combinations and good quality of workmanship.
A typical feature of our style is the way our fashion enhances one‘s distinctive, feminine silhouette, simplicity, and grace, which reflects the healthy feeling of leisure enjoyed when one wears comfortable and yet beautiful clothing.

We offer two collections each year. Each collection (Spring/Summer, Autumn/Winter) consists of many elements and by combining them within the collection or across collections our clients are able to cultivate tireless combinations of outfits suitable for daily wear as well as for evening occasions.
We use top-quality Italian yarns, mostly organic, natural-based, with stretch fibres which guarantee long-term elasticity, crease-resistance and a gentle but durable functionality in each fashion line.

Our tailored, “made to order” service is a very important part of our service to our clients. We create outfits directly designed for each of our clients according to her individual, personal ideas, wishes and demands.

Jaroslava Procházková, who is the owner and designer of the JAROSLAVA brand, studied at the University of Applied Art in Prague, where her ideas of feminine leisure quality developed, and at Saint Martin's School of Art in London, where she obtained her Master of Arts degree in Fashion Design.
Thanks to our clientele which appreciates interconnections between various European cultural styles the JAROSLAVA brand has emerged to serve an international clientele not only in European countries, but also increasingly in the USA and Canada.